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During a first intake, the acupuncturist gathers as much information as necessary to be able to build a treatment strategy customized to the patient’s complaints.
If test results or doctor reports are at hand, it is always useful to bring these to the first intake.
After the first talk, inspection of tongue, palpation of the pulse and possibly painful areas throughout the body, the first treatment takes place.
The acupuncturist uses thin disposable sterile needles. The needles remain in place during 20-30 minutes, depending on the condition of the patient and the kind of complaint(s).
Inserting the needles is more or less painless. After insertion, the thin needles will be softly manipulated to assure the right placement. At that moment a slight warm sensation can be felt locally.
This is called looking for Qi, and guarantees the effect of the acupuncture treatment.
During the 20-30 minutes rest, there is a moxa lamp that makes the patient more comfortable and warm.
If indicated, complementary techniques such as ear acupuncture, ear seeds, electro-acupuncture or cupping are being used.
When needed I give advice concerning supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, necessary to make the most of your recovery and treatment plan.
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